Shore Collection

Highlights of the Shore Collection

Regular New Model Armies

#2: the RNMA with the lowest serial number documented in the survey. This makes her the oldest 3rd variation RNMA as well. She could well have been a reference sample at Centennial Arms Corp. for some time before the 2 Shore boys roll-engraved her naval scene with the Haas apparatus ca. 1961/62!


#96: another early 3rd variation RNMA of the 2nd sub-variation. Note unusual application of the ELG proof mark and the *Y inspector mark of Francois Delsauxnear the CENTENNIAL on the forward, engraved segment of the cylinder. These marks are normally stamped on the rebated portion of the cylinder. Delsauxserved at the Liège Proof house from 1959 to 1968 when the stamping of these inspector marks was discontinued.


#1099: 2nd variation RNMA with 2 unusual features, perfectly fitted bi-colour custom grips made of horn!


Centaure proprietary naval scene on cylinder with legend ENGAGED 16 May 1843. This legend was discontinued with the 1st variation Cavalry models, at the request of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association.


#2212: engraved 2nd variation RNMA!

#6969: cute serial number of this 1st variation RNMA of 3rd sub-variation!


Civilian Models

#C1: 1st Civilian made, found with original carton and instructions for use!

Barrel marking: “1960 NEW MODEL ARMY.

#C1 on barrel lug, frame and TG

Varnished grip, silver plated TG & BS, MADE IN BELGIUM

#C4: found with original carton


#ENG No 2: cased in English style, custom engraved and gold inlaid, Ormsby style naval scene on cylinder.

ENG No 2 gold inlaid on barrel lug and frame but engraved on trigger-guard. Barrel marking is Centennial.


Original powder flask marked DIXON&SONS MADE IN ENGLAND in two lines. Note gold inlaid MADE IN BELGIUM on butt. Bullet mold is Italian made.



Cavalry Models

#F1: first Cavalry made, complete with stock! Stock is stamped F1 on top of butt plate and under tang!

Barrel marking: “1960 NEW MODEL ARMY


#F44: typical 1st variation Cavalry Model with matching stock.

#F946: custom engraved, without stock. Unusual cased hardened cylinder! Cased in English style with after market flask and cap box, but original Belgian bullet mould!

Stocks F11118: 1971 made, no SILE stamp on wood under butt plate.


Extra stock w/o serial number: stamped MADE IN BELGIUM on brass. Stamped SILE under butt plate.


Pocket Armies, 2nd variation (Civilian frame, fluted cylinder): no visible serial number on barrel lug, frame or trigger-guard on these 3 specimens. Post type front sight.

Barrel markings: “1960 NEW MODEL ARMY.

# ”1”, inspector mark *U, no accessories:


Note that barrel is not a regular barrel cut to size but separate production without slot for loading lever

No visible serial numbers !

Post type front sight, rampant centaurs logo

TG & BS silver plated, varnished grip. MADE IN BELGIUM

# “2” Pocket Army: inspector mark *R, original carton

Tiny pistol in original carton

Special production barrel

Note post type front sight

# “3” Pocket Army: inspector mark *R as well, original carton and brass loading rod

Note heavy duty & functional loading rod

This are the first real life Pocket Armies discovered!

WDN/June 24, 2010

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