Help from My Friends

# With a Little Help from my Friends

At this visit I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with retired gunsmith and gun enthusiast Coleman “Sonny” McDonough and his son Kevin. Kevin is not only an avid shooter and collector, but also speaks fluent German! Kevin helped with the pictures a lot but I should have accepted Mitch’s suggestion to use his tripod … a good reason for another visit to Shore’s next time in Chicago

Coleman “Sonny” McDonough

Mitch Shore (left) & Kevin McDonough

Mr. Mitchell Shore, sir, you made my day. Thanks a bunch!


Are spare parts for the Centaure still available from Shore Galleries? – Mitch: “Sorry, nothing’s left.”

Are there any old Centaure records with serial numbers or the old FAUL contract somewhere to be found at Shore’s? – Mitch: “Sorry, they were destroyed many years ago.”

Would Centaures of the Shore Galleries Collection be for sale? – Mitch: “This is the family heritage and like my dad and Bill Edwards I am fascinated by high-class workmanship so another sorry, no.”

Is a copy of the Licensing Agreement with Sam Colt from the early 1850s available that Edwards is referring to in his 1962 book? – Les: “Sorry, we are not aware of such a document!”


WDN/June 18, 2010

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