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Then you have seen a Centaure. To commemorate  the centennial of the US Civil War Sig Shore commissioned FAUL in Belgium to manufacture replicas of the Colt 1860 New Model Army. But are they really replicas? Did FAUL manufacture New Model Armies for Samuel Colt in the 1860’s? In 2007 Long Johns Wolf and Panhandle Paden began their study of the 1960 New Model Army to answer this question and more.

Turns out there was interest in the Centaure in Europe as well. So, Wolf and Panhandle Paden, the webmaster, have included stories from both sides of the pond.

Now it is time to hear from you. We want to know YOUR Centaure stories . Where did you find them? What kind of condition were they in? How do you use them? Are they for reenacting, Cowboy Action Shooting or just shooting at the range?

So, please email Wolf or Paden with your story. Pictures and/or video encouraged.

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This site is dedicated to telling the story of the Centaure.

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